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1st Level MVP System

  • Memorize
  • Visualize
  • Perform

2nd Level Allstar

A – The basics. FINISH-OBJECTIVE-TRIGGER. Concentrating on balance strength & discipline. POWERLINE

AA – Improving bat angle – top hand & a consistent swing into all power channels.

AAA  – Hitting routine. OFF THE BUS-IN THE DUGOUT-ON DECK-AT THE PLATE. Yes – Yes hitting. Taking your body to the next level.

ELITE – By now have player has passed all testing to become an ELITE player. Continued ADVANCED training on specific weaknesses & preparing for college.

3rd Level Basepath Training

  • R U on the right Path?
  • Customized team training
  • CTS & Sports Enhancement

4th Travel Ball Development

Travel Team program designed to develop, & not “Cherry Pick” each player Spiritually, Physically & Technically.