Baseball and Softball Training for Youth, Teens and Young Adults

Our Focus

Cross The Seams finds family extremely important in today’s world.  We like following three basic principles.



Belief and trust in God and the system.



Unity in the home and as a team.



Success in the community, in the class room and on the field.

Talent is God Given. Be Humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be Careful.

– John Wooden

Training Models

Christlike | Truthful | Stand Tall

Cross the Seams Baseball & Softball Training is a Spiritual, Physical and Technical training system to help develop and enhance the baseball & softball experience for each and every player, regardless of skill level. Each instructor goes through several levels of training to become qualified to teach a consistent systematic approach to help each player progress to a higher level. CTS is about the system, not the instructor. CTS also puts a focus on each player’s personal growth with follow up & homework. Our mission is to teach the “why’s” & not the “why not’s”. Each player becomes independent enough with knowledge to make adjustments on their own.

Cross the Seams would like to give much thanks and gratitude to brothers Brian, Blake and Denny Doyle, who have impressive backgrounds as professional players, coaches and teachers, but most importantly a close relationship with God.  The Doyle’s inspiration has helped CTS to develop a broad-based curriculium designed to progressively challenge and motivate players as well as instill character and discipline. 

Memorize | Visualize | Perform

A The basics. FINISH-OBJECTIVE-TRIGGER. Concentrating on balance

strength & discipline. POWERLINE

AA Improving bat angle – top hand & a consistent swing into all power



AT THE PLATE. Yes – Yes hitting. Taking your body to the next level.

ELITE By now have passed all testing to become an ELITE player. Continued

ADVANCED training on specific weaknesses & preparing for college.

R U on the right Path?

Customized team training

CTS & Sports Enhancement.

Travel Team program designed to develop, & not “Cherry Pick”, each player Spiritually – Physically & Technically.

Player Spotlight

 Congrautlations Marshall County High School girls softball on your regional tournament victory. These CTS students are enjoying their win!

CTS Top Tips

Who needs launch angle? Swing was never below waist.


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